chambre d'hote montpiellier

Our 4 bedrooms have been built in the former large wine cellars close to to the main house,
and designed as an invitation to exploring the Montpellier region
via the Camargue, the Garrigue, the Coast and the Vineyards.
To the magic mixture of traditional materials and modern comfort, and the blending together
of the coarseness and sensuousness of ancient stone, is added the soft harmony of gentle colours…

Brin de Thym

"Under the « Garrigue » charms"

Size: 28m2 - Bed: 1m60 x 2m00 (Queen size) with possibility for an extra bed 1m10 x 2m00.
Bathrooms with large walk-in showers. Separated toilet. 
« Open the door of a Garrigue-style mazet dwelling, the characters of Provence’s famous author Pagnol would be quite at home here amongst the shades of pastel green and mauve… »

Grain de Muscat 

"Alludes to wine!"

Size: 35m2 - Bed: 1m80 x 2m00 (King size).
Bathrooms with large walk-in showers Separate toilet.
« Looking up at a huge wine vat, The expectancy of limitless pleasure ahead, Amongst the passionate shades of purple and ruby…»
seche cheveux

Grain de sel

"A blink to the Camargue!"

Size: 34m2 - Bed: 1m60 x 2m (Queen size).
Bathrooms with large walk-in showers.
« The undisturbed atmosphere of the Camargue’s salt-flats, Myriad salt-crystal sculptures or hard sun-baked crust, Sunbeams dancing, and flirting over the rice-fields… »
seche cheveux

Grain de Sable

"Beach vibes!"

Size: 25m2 - Bed: 1m40 x 2m00 (standard size).
Bathrooms with large walk-in showers.
« Sea-smoothed branches, rounded pebbles and finger-like fencing poles are our decoration, Soothing dreams of the turquoise-blue of a deserted beach is our night’s journey… »
seche cheveux